‘Fishtalk’ – illustrated short story for young and old


‘Fishtalk’ is vol. 4 of the ‘A quick dip into Deep Thinking‘ series of short, but deep, illustrated stories available on amazon Kindle worldwide.




‘The growing of dreams’ – illustrated short story

'the growing of dreams' by Dori Kirchmair sample page

Available at the PAGE 45 bookshop in Nottingham NG1 and on Amazon Kindle inEnglish   Italian   French   Spanish


change and being

Deep Thinking 1 - low res

‘Fishtalk’ – illustrated short story for young and old

Volume 4 of my ‘A quick dip into DEEP THINKING’ series has just been published on amazon Kindle!

'fishtalk' by Dori Kirchmair - sample page

Illustrated short story available on amazon Kindle worldwide. ‘Fishtalk’ is vol. 4 of the ‘A quick dip into deep Thinking‘ series of self-contained stories


My short story with the title ‘Resonance’ is now available on Amazon Kindle in English and German:




trust – allow – true alignment

Allowing - Dori Kirchmair


our own unique beauty

your own beauty


been thinking….

Your Self JPG


all day long we interact with a busy world but in moments of stillness the universe interacts with us…

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freedom in togetherness

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sun rising

In October 2012 I read some of my work at an event at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow. I had to get up around 5am to catch a plane from East Midlands airport. When I got on the bus in Nottingham it was pitch dark. By the time I arrived at the airport the sun started to rise…

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poems for children




Link to the Teddies for Tragedies project


‘View from Space’ – in stillness the world expands and gives rise to beauty…

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The heart caught in the heart

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Poetry performance at Newstead Abbey as part of Nottingham Festival of Words

e-flyer Newstead Abbey 9th Feb 2013


home at last

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Breaking patterns



Fly with me


And you wholeheartedly write a cheque
and put it in the post
But it gets lost in the mail
And what you so much wanted to return
Never will
Unless it frees itself


Like a River

I woke up one Friday morning with the last few lines of a new poem come into my mind. So this was the ‘ending’ – but what were the middle and the beginning? Not that I am short for words but in the end I came to the realisation that the ending was not only the end but also the middle and the beginning. This  makes it a rather short poem but if you put it in a loop it will continue forever (and it’s easy to remember…) 

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Lost and Found

memory loss copy3

Finding Yourself or the Other

Today and Tomorrow (bookmark)


Raspberries with Vanilla yoghurt

so this is the title of one of my latest poems – or maybe it is a recipe… for friendship…

The Trashing of Dreams

Today is the beginning of Lent. I won’t give up chocolate but for the next 40 days  I shall give up trashing my dreams. Could this be the beginning of something new?

The dolphin

Whilst I was working on a small pendant in the silversmithing workshop I wrote a poem with the title ‘The Sun and the Moon’.

And the small pendant looked really good with the sun made of Sterling silver and the moon of copper sheet and it all came together beautifully – but when I went to solder a small clasp onto it so that it could be worn as a necklace I accidentally heated it too much and – at a temperature of about 600 degrees Celsius – it took but a few seconds for the pendant to melt into one unsightly lump of silver with some copper sticking out. The sun and the moon had disappeared in a flash and I was rather devastated. As I sat there staring at it in disbelief I noticed that this now messy lump of metal had actually roughly taken on the shape of a dolphin. The spiky ends of the half moon turned into fins and the silver of the melted sun gave it a well rounded body (it must have come from rich waters with plenty of fish…). So I took a file to it to smooth and shape it further and now it is indeed a dolphin that happily splashes about in my next piece of work! But do bear in mind that melting the sun and the moon together only accidentally created a dolphin. My tutor assured me it is not the norm! And yes, I did make a new pendant of the Sun and the Moon and it looks just as smashing as the first one. This time I got the temperature right.

past – present – future

If the past takes up all our time then there is no present and the future can’t be different. Or can it?


Hello world! Now I am here but tonight I don’t have a single word for you – except: good night!