The dolphin

Whilst I was working on a small pendant in the silversmithing workshop I wrote a poem with the title ‘The Sun and the Moon’.

And the small pendant looked really good with the sun made of Sterling silver and the moon of copper sheet and it all came together beautifully – but when I went to solder a small clasp onto it so that it could be worn as a necklace I accidentally heated it too much and – at a temperature of about 600 degrees Celsius – it took but a few seconds for the pendant to melt into one unsightly lump of silver with some copper sticking out. The sun and the moon had disappeared in a flash and I was rather devastated. As I sat there staring at it in disbelief I noticed that this now messy lump of metal had actually roughly taken on the shape of a dolphin. The spiky ends of the half moon turned into fins and the silver of the melted sun gave it a well rounded body (it must have come from rich waters with plenty of fish…). So I took a file to it to smooth and shape it further and now it is indeed a dolphin that happily splashes about in my next piece of work! But do bear in mind that melting the sun and the moon together only accidentally created a dolphin. My tutor assured me it is not the norm! And yes, I did make a new pendant of the Sun and the Moon and it looks just as smashing as the first one. This time I got the temperature right.

One response to “The dolphin

  1. I loved your poem!

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