RESONANCE  inspirational short story –  please contact Dori Kirchmair if you’d like to book a story reading/talk. Thank you.

A quick dip into DEEP THINKING   a series of short, but deep and beautifully illustrated inspirational stories for young and old. So far 4 volumes (each a self-contained story) are available.

a quick dip into deep thinking by Dori Kirchmair         

Vol. 1:  ‘the growing of dreams’  –  available as e-book on Amazon Kindle in English, French, Spanish and Italian. German edition to follow.

The PAGE 45 bookshop in Nottingham NG1 sells hard copies and they will soon also be available at Waterstones. You can also purchase hard copies directly from me at a reduced rate – please contact me.

Vol. 2:  ‘Sometimes I feel’ – available as e-book on Amazon Kindle

Vol. 3‘I wanted to paint’ – available as e-book on Amazon Kindle

Vol. 4: ‘fishtalk’ – available as e-book on Amazon Kindle

Vol. 5: in the process of being published

Vol 6 – 14+:    to follow

NOT JUST POETRY  available on Amazon Kindle. For a hard copy of this poetry booklet please contact me

poetry booklet - Dori KIrchmair

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