Resonance‘ is a short inspiring piece of writing about connecting and aligning more with our own truth and authentic self. It gives an uplifting example of the power of our emotions and potential struggle we face when trying to follow what resonates with us, feels true to us in life. It will make you think and it will make you laugh, foremost of all – it will inspire and touch you!

I wrote this 15 minutes long ‘talk/story’ for a reading at the Ladyfest Literature Festival in Nottingham in November 2011 and have since shared it at many different events, literature festivals, workshops, courses, conferences, meetings across the UK – in Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Exeter, Leicester, Worcester, Bristol, Chesterfield, Lincoln, London, Brighton, Glasgow, Bournemouth, Bath and Holy Isle (in Scotland). I have given guest lectures on it to psychology and literature students, a TEDx talk at Loughborough University and it was broadcast on Radio Erewash and Trent Sound Nottingham. People sometimes come up to me afterwards and say they were blown away by it – but quite clearly they landed back on their feet!

Treat your clients, community, staff, students, etc. to an inspiring and thought provoking spoken word performance!

I am available to read ‘Resonance’ around the globe – at events, workshops, festivals, courses, meetings, conferences, etc. and give guest lectures, – in any field, educational settings, staff development sessions, conference openings, mental and physical health services, etc. Link to testimonials.

I presented ‘Resonance’ at an International conference on Global Peace and Emotional Intelligence in Kathmandu, Nepal on 1st November 2014. For more info click on the image below:

th (6)

I n 2015 I shared ‘Resonance’ at the Y Theatre in Leicester.

You can contact me on: thinkingworkshops@gmail.com   

Guest lectures/workshops/inspirational talks



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