8 responses to “Testimonials

  1. I attnded the Mouthy Poets Fringe Womens Conference last night and really enjoyed your performance of Resonance it was very funny, profound and moving – thank you
    Gary Rush

  2. Well Dori, I have to say Resonance is absolutely absolutely Brilliant!!! I love it.
    I will tell you why it is so brilliant for me. Not that you probably want to know or need to know. It is brilliant and Claire because I started off reading and I was in my head (“yes I say something similar to this on some of the courses I facilitate, two violins resonating, I liken it to our emotions – we can feel each other’s emotions, we can be empathic …. only I do not put it in such poetic form. More prosaic language. And then I went into my feelings – at the party – I am travelling in to my heart and into my gut. I wince with Pain and snort with indignation at Anger and so on. And then I go deeper into the metaphor, into my head but now my feeling levels have opened up.
    I am opened u-p by it – on all levels (all that I know of). Now I am in touch, in Higher Mind

  3. Dori, I heard you tell ‘resonance’ today and wanted to let you know it is still resonating with me now. I found your words beautiful and moving and now too your website. Thank you for making me think…..

  4. You opened Parole Parlate, part of the Worcestershire Literary Festival, last night with ‘Resonance’,I enjoyed it very much and it was clear that it resounded with the audience too. Good to make your acquaintance, Dori.

  5. I just wanted to say how impressed I have been at your skill of taking complexed issues and making them accessible through your words. I hope you will continue to be creative and be assured that in doing so you will touch many peoples lives.
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us all

  6. Mandy MacDonald

    Resonance is a smart, moving story that comes to life in Dori’s hands. It is original and very, very engaging. Dori’s story is one everyone can relate to, its beautiful, understated yet powerful. I think Dori is very gifted. I thoroughly recommend Resonance, it will blow your mind! Thanks Dori and keep writing,
    Mandy x

  7. I heard your ‘Resonance’ piece at the Women leading for a change course and I thought it was amazing and so well thought out. It is definately a powerful spoken word art perfomance. All the women ‘resonated’ with your words and some were even moved to tears. I wish you every success Dori. xxx

  8. Women Leading for a Change

    http://www.womenleadingforachange.org thought your reading at our workshop on 26th January really quite stunning. It touched us all in different ways and the performance made the story really come to life. Thanks Dori. We hope to see you again.

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